Although, as you know, beauty comes from within – the opposite is also possible. Because the skin is not only “mirror of the soul”, but also one of its most important “receiving stations”. It is very sensitive to any kind of physical contact. So, love pats are not only a nice touch, but signals for the soul, as they comfort and give you confidence. Therefore, attentive skin care, coupled with intensive skin contact can be considered as a sort of psychotherapy. When you clean the skin after a hard day full of haste and stress – you also wash off mental trouble. Soft creams that you put on your skin afterwards can also be seen as a balm for the scratches your sense of self-confidence suffered from during the day. From this perspective cosmetics is not a vain and superficial exercise, as it is portrayed by some critics. It really  gets under our skin – at least concerning this subject. Or rather: its action is extended, even if indirectly, to the centers of the brain senses. This effect is an essential part of every cosmetic procedure and sometimes, perhaps, it’s most important part.     


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