Cosmetics for men… Is this a commercial move or a necessity associated with structural features of the male skin? On one hand, the distinction between cosmetics by gender can be considered absurd. It’s like producing toothpaste for men, aspirin for men etc. Indeed, in its composition, there is no difference between “male” and “female” cosmetics, if it’s free from synthetic fragrances.

Among all skin care products there is only one, which can be rightly attributed to the “Male cosmetics department” – a tool for shaving, and to tell the truth – every woman resorting to mechanical hair depilation can use it. After shaving, a man can use any female cream with low oil content (open emulsion) that has soothing and healing effect. On the other hand, a woman can use a good male aftershave as a soothing mask, or for daily care, if her skin condition is characterized as young and oily.  

 Anti-cellulite products can be considered as purely feminine, because cellulite problem is unknown to men. And again – only conditionally speaking. Anti-cellulite products increase blood circulation, improving the natural nutrition of the skin cells. So, men can safely use these “female” products as an effective body cream (lotion).

Any cosmetic product, according to its composition, is intended to treat a specific skin condition (oily, dry, young, fading, acne, seborrhea etc.), which is typical for both men and women. Those conditions are found in men and women of different ages with different frequency. For example – a young dry skin condition is less common in men than in women. And acne and seborrhea – more often. This is due to the fact that male sex hormones contribute to an increased production of sebum. Also, men suffer from acne more often and the inflammations “exist” longer. Dehydrated skin condition (skin that lost moisture, not to be confused with a dry skin condition) is equally common in men and women in the post adolescence period. However, at a later age, this skin condition is more common in men. Due to daily shaving male skin loses its natural lubrication and protection, which leads to premature loss of moisture. This process is enhanced by using alcohol aftershaves.

The outer protective layer of skin (epidermis) is thicker in males than in females. Male epidermis has a better ability to retain moisture, it is stronger and more resistant to external factors.

It is important to understand that we are only talking about the potential given to men by nature. At the same impact level of aging factors (both external and internal) male skin indeed goes into the aging status much later. However, men are less likely to treat their skin and almost never use sun protection products. Damage caused by sunlight and an unhealthy lifestyle greatly accelerate the aging process of male skin and can negate the benefits of the slower genetic aging. Therefore, the question is: when to start using regeneration products? – not depending on whether you’re a man or a female. The main criterion for choosing cosmetics should be the quality and the individual skin condition that changes in both men and women, depending on the season, possible illness, impact of external factors, lifestyle, lack of proper care etc. Separating cosmetics according to gender can be justified only by a psychological factor (package color and/or smell). But it might be enough! It can be a serious reason to release the aloe cream in a blue package instead of a pink one. Sellers and manufacturers of “male” cosmetics should not look for other excuses, referring to the structural features of the male skin. It only takes one argument – cosmetics and all procedures associated with it should bring joy to men. Given that for some men the “male” color of the cream package and lack of “feminine” smell are very important, you can make the following conclusion:

Male cosmetics – is a commercial move which can be justified, from the psychological point of view, by male perception of color and smell. If a man is not bothered by the lack of a specific “male” smell and the pink packaging does not cause him discomfort – he can use any quality cream, peeling, lotion or shampoo, that match his skin condition during a specific period of time.

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